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FEMME HOUSE @ MoogFest 2019

Join founder LP Giobbi as she officially launches her FEMME HOUSE initiative with a compelling daytime activation at MoogFest 2019.


FEMME HOUSE: A Conversation about Gender Socialization and Visual Representation in Electronic Music

LP Giobbi and FEMME HOUSE present a frank and intimate talk with fellow artists Madame Gandhi, Suzi Analogue, and Drum & Lace about the lack of representation for women in the electronic music space, and how gender socialization feeds into the choices women make when choosing their career paths in music. Join us as we address the question of why more women in music don’t feel empowered to choose the behind the scenes work of producing, sound designing, engineering and mastering, while amplifying the work that LP Giobbi, FEMME HOUSE and other women in the space are doing to change it. Moderated by Tiffany Naiman.


FEMME HOUSE Presents: The Future of Music and AI

FEMME HOUSE and LP Giobbi present a demonstration of Google’s Magenta Studio—an open source research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process. Together, we’ll combine Ableton Live and Magenta plugins, interacting with the tools of the future, and making sure they speak as us, instead of for us.

Later Event: May 16
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